Image courtesy of James Cridland


Hello all Project Managers, Advanced Researchers and anyone else who might be reading this first blog post. My name is Seth Armstrong-Twigg and like most of the other contributors to this weblog, I’m currently studying for an MA in English Literature at Cardiff University.

I’m interested in working-class literature and specifically, the many Welsh writers and poets who have represented the industrial practice of mining. I am equally interested in the Welsh-language texts of the northern slate quarries and English-language material of the southern coal pits.

I have chosen this particular module – Project Management and Advanced Research – because I would like to document the environmental impact of industrialisation on the Welsh literary landscape with the help of historic cartography and etchings from within the Salisbury Archive of our very own Special Collections.

Why the crowd image? Well, the other reason I’ve chosen this module is because I am interested in public engagement. I realise that it has become a bit of a buzzword in academia – often bandied about as a means to secure funding – but I do believe that it should form the starting point to any scholarly project.

As most academic research is funded by the taxpayer, we have an obligation to deliver projects that give something back to the public, which is why I’m excited by this module and its emphasis on creating material that will be immediately accessible, and hopefully useful, to others.