Hello fellow project managers and welcome to anybody else who might be reading this. Over the next few months you’ll (hopefully) be witnessing our spectacular growth into fully fledged advanced researchers, or (possibly) a complete breakdown as the pressures of project management overwhelm my sense of self. Whatever happens, it promises to be interesting and certainly worth keeping an eye on.

My name is Jim Scown and, like the other bloggers on this page, I am studying for an MA in English Literature at Cardiff University. My research interests lie in the interdisciplinary field of literature and science, with a particular focus on the Victorian novel. I am currently working on a project tracing the stirrings of ecological discourse in nineteenth century literature

This work responds to the environmental concerns of the present. In this blog I hope to explore how the burgeoning field of the digital humanities might seek to address current ecological crises, especially through engaging the public in collaborative academic work.

And finally, I should mention that I have always loved studying, drawing, and exploring maps. Stay tuned as this digital, critical, imaginative, and cartographical project unfolds!