Hello everyone! My name is Will and I am currently studying for an MA in English Literature at Cardiff University.  I chose the project management module in order to expand and develop my existing research skills gained in my undergraduate degree. The ways in which we are assessed on the module I felt offered a fresh way of showcasing my skills compared with the traditional essay, which is another primary reason why I selected the module.

My primary research interest is in modern literature and how contemporary issues are portrayed in literature. I wrote an undergraduate dissertation on how dysfunctional parent-child relationships are portrayed in the works of Lionel Shriver and Jeannette Winterson and used John Bowlby’s Attachment Theory to support my thesis. In the previous semester I wanted to broaden my knowledge of specific areas of contemporary literature which I had not previously researched which is why I selected the eco-critical and neo-Victorian metatextualties modules.

For this project I have developed two main ideas which are both focused on the digital and illustration.

The first idea is a comparison between how urban environments such as London are illustrated in photography and other visual formats in contemporary culture and how these environments are constructed in contemporary literature.

My second idea is to create a project which looks at how certain characters from fantasy fiction such as Smaug (The dragon from The Hobbit) are illustrated in different editions of the novel.