‘No one who had ever seen Catherine Morland in her infancy, would have supposed her to be born an heroine.’ Jane Austen, ‘Northanger Abbey’

Hi! I’m Jannat, an MA English Literature student at Cardiff University at the very beginning of a process that might launch me, project first, into the academic world as a . . . skilled researcher, or a budding lecturer, or perhaps a hero, saving academia from the clutches of tyrannical academic journal publishers. I’m an Austen enthusiast, interested in eighteenth-century women novelists, Jane Eyre, adaptations of novels and historical fiction. I hope to pursue a project for this module that has a healthy relationship with both my interests and my career goals.

At the moment, my own project and research ideas are rather vague, but I’m keeping in mind my ambitions: lecturer, researcher and, uh, heroine. Perhaps they will serve as beacons in the ‘Project Management and Advanced Research’ night!